Filename extension .ics, .ical, .ifb, .icalendar
Internet media type text/calendar
Type code utf-8
Uniform type identifier aaa
Magic number 12345
Website RFC 2445
File formats category - v  e   edit

File formats category - v  e   edit

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iCalendar is a computer file format which allows internet users to send meeting requests and tasks to other internet users, via email, or sharing files with an .ics extension. iCalendar is defined by RFC 2445. Recipients of the iCalendar data file (with supporting software, such as an email client or calendar application) can respond to the sender easily or counter propose another meeting date/time.

iCalendar is used and supported by a large number of products. iCalendar data is usually sent with traditional email.


An iCalendar object begins with a BEGIN:CALENDAR and ends with an END:CALENDAR.

The body of the iCalendar object is made up of a list of calendar properties and one or more calendar components. The calendar properties apply to the entire calendar. The calendar components are several calendar properties which create a calendar schematic (design). For example, the calendar component can specify an event, a to-do list, a journal entry, time zone information, or free/busy time information, or an alarm.


Events are represented by VEVENT objects, started by BEGIN:VEVENT and ended by END:VEVENT. These may also represent other times such as birthdays, anniversaries and daily tasks.

When the user accepts the event, the default action would be that the user would be set to busy at the event duration.

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